Extensive work socks collection

With the Angro work socks, no job is out of reach. Comfortable and strong socks made from cotton, thermostatic fabric or extra-thick wool protect your feet even during the toughest job.

Work socks usually have an extra heel piece which prevents the socks from slipping and makes them comfortable to wear in work shoes. The inside is often layered with a full terry cloth footbed which provides extra cushioning and comfort for the feet. The reinforced toes and heels ensure that work socks wear less quickly in work shoes. Thanks to the wide elastic cuffs, these socks won’t feel tight around the ankles and they won’t sag either. Angro work socks are ideal for safety shoes, clogs and work boots.

Angro work socks are available in several colours and designs. Nice and soft, made from recycled cotton or wool. Lined and non-lined. Durable and wear-resistant. Our wide collection offers the right work sock for every job. From DIY handyman to professional. We offer you an extensive range.

Angro is your total supply chain partner. We design our own collections, choose the materials, curate the products and supervise production, packaging, import and logistics. We generally supply from our own stock and also support retailers with attractive store displays and point-of-sale materials. In addition to our own brand portfolio, we also offer the option of developing a private-label collection.

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